Rival Sons


”Pressure and Time”
Genre: Classic Rock
Label: Earache Records

Rival Sons sound nothing like your typical Earache Records artist. Bring a sound that encapsulates, blues, soul and psycadelia, they peddle a retro rock sound rich in melody and textures which recall mid 70s Led Zeppelin and The Black Crowes. Rather than imitating one or two classic bands R.S. go directly to the source of classic rock mining blues and soul which would give Otis Redding palpitations! From the stomping “Young Love” to the bluesy “Only One” with its rich Hammond organ and seductive lyrics “I’ve got my work but you’ve got your needs” they hold your beating heart in the palm of their hands.

Singer Jay Buchannan certainly has the pipes to carry this off, coming on like Robert Plant with a touch of Chris Cornell. It’s his ability to deliver the soaring rock god vocals as well as the more down tempo bluesy excursions which mark him out as potentially the next great frontman of classic rock. So rich and well travelled is Buchannan’s voice, it’s hard to believe that he’s a mere 26 years of age!

The swaggering mother shagger that is “Burn Down Los Angeles” is enough to have you sliding up to the nearest rock chic pouting like Jagger on Viagra. Adopting a chorus driven approach with a production that sounds rich and full only adds to the authenticity of their sonic platter rather than sounding like another bunch of retro chancers.

With their hints of classic soul and Motown delivered with a powerful contemporary approach Rival Sons could be onto a big winner here!

Beg, Borrow or Steal:
Classic blues rock with hints of Motown that drips with sex appeal. Rival Sons could be the next great soul rock band.



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