Genre: Extreme Post Metal
Label: Candlelight Records

Something nasty is brewing over in France. Having given birth to the cold atmospherics of Blut Aus Nord, a new contender has emerged through the mire; that of C.R.O.W.N. a duo capable of creating devastating walls of claustrophobic noise with a harrowing intensity.

This is their full debut album, a towering shadowy figure intend on causing mayhem and torment as it grips you, dragging through its ten epic chapters. Majestic in its oppressive nature; anguished roaring tops glacial ostinatos which evoke a truly chilling feel to both the dense volume of “Blood Runs” and the tranquil build up sections which add tension to the likes of “Serpent And Fire” before the hostility floods back in.

“Man is so infinitely small” the eerie sample which introduces “Psychokinesy II” gives a perfect description of how insignificant and tiny this crushing experience makes you feel whilst ushering in the albums second movement. Pulsing electronics abound adding artificial coldness and while the vocoder glazed vocals are somewhat unnecessary they do little to detract from the overall bleakness and sombre beauty of this compelling work. The jewel here however is the colossal obelisk of guitars that fuel “We Will Crush The Open Sky”; a number as devoid of hope as its moniker suggests. The mood of the album is at times soothing in between moments of utter despair and malignancy which only enhances its ability to render you powerless to resist. “Psychurgy” prowls the dark recesses of the psyche praying on your unsuspecting consciousness and will never want to leave.




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