This watch spotlight looks at the Breitling Navitimer which is a classic pilots’ timepiece with a history of excellence. This legendary chronograph boasts an integrated flight computer which has made it the “must have” watch for pilots.

The Navitimer originated between 1952 and 1954. Breitling’s most famous timepiece was branded with the logo of the Aircraft Owners And Pilots Association and in 1961, Scott Carpenter, astronaut on the original Mercury Space Program, approached Breitling with the idea of the 24 hour dial, which Carpenter wore on his historic space flight of 1962.

Musical innovators like jazz icon Miles Davis and actor John Travolta have also championed the Natitimer. Like all advocates of this pioneering brand, Davis pushed jazz music to new heights wearing his prized Navitimer.

So taken with this classic timepiece, Davis wore this treasured possession from the late sixties until he passed in 1991. The subject of Playboy magazine’s first ever interview, Davis wore many designer suits and owned a fleet of sports cars but never parted with this indispensable, reliable and luxurious item.

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